Apple iOS 11.2.5 Release

Apple iOS 11.2.5 Release

So far Apple AAPL – 1.07% iOS 11.2.5 is a puzzle. Why Apple has bounced four adaptation numbers (from iOS 11.2.1) is a puzzle. What it contains is a secret. Be that as it may, following the most recent seven day stretch of iPhone control throttling disclosures (and a completely merited kickback), the up and coming iOS 11.2.5 just turned into the greatest and most imperative iOS refresh in years…

To recap: what Apple needs to deliver to lost trust. In at long last telling the truth (honestly one year late), Apple has let it out moderates iPhones – and circumstantially soon after the arrival of each new age – to shield their effectively corrupting batteries from closing off if the telephone were to keep working at full execution.

Apple lists the following performance impacts it makes:

  • Longer app launch times
  • Lower frame rates while scrolling
  • Backlight dimming (which can be overridden in Control Center)
  • Lower speaker volume by up to -3dB
  • Gradual frame rate reductions in some apps
  • During the most extreme cases, the camera flash will be disabled as visible in the camera UI
  • Apps refreshing in background may require reloading upon launch

Yes, even your one year old iPhone’s speaker will get quieter and its camera flash can be removed to protect the ever-so-delicate battery. The ramifications of this are quite extraordinary.

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Not only does the well promoted title of Performance Champ suddenly ring hollow now we know this only lasts for one year, but we also know this behaviour isn’t normal. HTC, Motorola, LG and Samsung are among the major brands quick to stress they see no reason to throttle the performance of their smartphones. This statement from Samsung is typical:

“Product quality has been and will always be Samsung Mobile’s top priority. We ensure extended battery life of Samsung mobile devices through multi-layer safety measures, which include software algorithms that govern the battery charging current and charging duration. We do not reduce CPU performance through software updates over the lifecycles of the phone.”

In fact Samsung is actually being modest here. Since its own battery debacle with the Galaxy Note 7 in 2016, the company published a full lab report, introduced a (still) class leading 8 point battery safety check and new technology which guarantees 95% battery capacity retention for the first two years of ownership. Meanwhile LG and Google offer two year warranties, which also cover the battery.

Bigger changes will take time and, more than that, arguably a cultural change within Apple is necessary – away from the pride it takes in a secretive “we know best” mentality.

Perhaps the same disappointing trudge through breakneck iOS releases will continue. Perhaps iOS 11.2.2, iOS 11.2.3 and iOS 11.2.4 will all magically appear before this curious iOS 11.2.5 currently in beta testing and we will have to wait for iOS 11.3 or even iOS 12 for real progress to begin. But I hope not.