How to use Hey Siri on your Mac

How to use Hey Siri on your Mac

Welcome to our entire manual for Siri on the Mac, in which we cover all that you have to think about the voice control colleague presented with macOS Sierra and improved in High Sierra. We clarify everything from setting up Siri in any case to the extensive variety of orders it can react to.

We take a gander at how to utilize Siri, in addition to how to get the absolute best from it – and incorporate a couple of deceives you won’t not think about, including how to trigger Siri with the “Hello Siri” charge, and how to utilize Siri to make regular assignments on your Mac less demanding.

How to use Hey Siri on your Mac

If you want to trigger Hey Siri on your Mac in the same way as you do on your iPhone you can do so, but it’s not a default option. You need to use dictation options in Accessibility system preferences to activate the Siri on your Mac with your voice, rather than the standard keyboard shortcut or clicking the Siri icon in the menu.

  1. Go to System Preferences and open Siri’s system preferences.
  2. Next to Keyboard Shortcut choose Customize (you can’t use wither of the preset options, Hold Command + Space or Hold Option + Space).
  3. Press the keys you wish to assign to the shortcut (make sure not to use a combination you are likely to use for another function).
  4. Now go to System Preferences and click on Keyboard.
  5. Select the Dictation tab and turn Dictation on.
  6. Also select Use Enhanced Dictation.
  7. Choose your Microphone by clicking on the down arrow beside the Microphone symbol and choosing the relevant mic.
  8. If required you can change the language you will be using here too.
  9. Now click back in System Preferences and open Accessibility.
  10. Select Dictation in the column on the left.
  11. Check the box for “Enable the dictation keyword phrase”. It will self-populate with the word Computer, but you can change it to “Hey”.
  12. Now click on the Dictation Commands button above.
  13. Click on + to create a custom command.
  14. Besides ‘When I say’: type Siri.
  15. Leave ‘While Using’: as Any Application.
  16. And besides ‘Perform’: select Keyboard Shortcut and tap in the key combo you assigned to Siri above.
  17. Click on Done.

Now when you say “Hey Siri” the Siri Window should open. Of course, this will also trigger Hey Siri on your iPhone, so you could change the command on your Mac to something different, like “Hello Siri”.

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How to use the keyboard to type Siri questions in High Sierra

One thing that frustrates us about using Siri on the Mac is the fact that you use the function by speaking out loud to it, which can be a bit embarrassing in an office full of people.

While it’s likely to be some time before Siri can read your thoughts, there is in High Sierra a way to use Accessibility settings to enable you to type into Siri.

  1. Go to System Preferences > Accessibility > Sir.
  2. Click in the box beside Enable Type to Siri so that a tick appears.

Now when you trigger Siri, a keyboard will appear into which you can type your query.