New Apple TV 6 (2018)

New Apple TV 6 (2018)

The Apple TV 4K was revealed in September 2017, and it’s really extraordinary, yet we’re forever discontent with what we have now. Rather, we’re looking forward to the following form of the Apple TV: the 6th era display, which we’re hopefully trusting will show up in 2018.

What’s next for the Apple TV, Apple’s set-top box consolidating an advanced media player, an amusements machine and a stage for applications with the capacity to stream content from iOS gadgets and Macs to a TV? At the point when will Apple dispatch the 6th model? Is the Apple TV still a ‘diversion’ item (as Steve Jobs once depicted it), or has the organization begun considering TV important?

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In this article we accumulate and break down the most recent gossipy tidbits and releases identified with the Apple TV 6: its discharge date, new highlights, specs and cost. We likewise approach whether there is a future for the Apple TV now that TVs accompany Netflix and other substance suppliers as of now introduced, and after remarks from the COO of Twitter that in the long run your cell phone will quickly associate with your TV by means of WiFi, so there will be no requirement for gadgets like the Apple TV. Read more about whether there is a future for the Apple TV here.

In case you’re searching for data about the flow run, we have a lot of subtle elements, including valuing and the best places to purchase in our Apple TV purchasing guide.

New features

The new Apple TV is likely to feature an array of new hardware features, which we outline in this section. This is without mentioning the significant software updates that will be added in tvOS 12.

tvOS is the version of iOS that works on the Apple TV. It was introduced with the Apple TV in 2015 and brought with it the Apple TV Store. We expect to see an update to the tvOS in September 2018 alongside iOS 12.

AirPod Siri support

It is possible to use Bluetooth headphones with the Apple TV, but there are some limitations as to how many Bluetooth devices can be paired, especially if one of them is an audio accessory. You can at least pair the Apple AirPods, but unfortunately you can’t activate Siri on the Apple TV via the AirPods – something we imagine will change in future updates.

Face recognition

Apple’s recent forays into facial recognition tech found fruition in the unlocking method used by the iPhone X. Some, however, suggest the technology could also come to the Apple TV.

A future Apple TV could include face recognition technology so that once your Apple TV ‘sees’ you it could automatically pull up your specific preferences for music, TV and – should HomeKit be integrated into the Apple TV – your IoT devices such as heating and lighting. While it’s an interesting idea, we don’t think it’ll be a key feature of the sixth-generation Apple TV.

Will Apple make its own game controller?

Apple currently offers the Siri Remote with the Apple TV. There have been calls for Apple to make its own controller for gaming on the Apple TV, especially as some gamers feel that the games available for the Apple TV are hampered by Apple’s insistence that games work with the Siri Remote, but it is unlikely that Apple would develop its own controller.